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For contracting authorities

For Contracting Authorities

The customer is involved in all stages of project implementation, starting with the design and ending with the completion of construction works. Each stage of the project directly affects its cost and quality, including during exploitation. We are here to use our experience and knowledge to help execute any project in the highest quality, at the lowest cost, and to resolve even the most difficult situations quickly and in the best quality.


This is the most important stage of project implementation. Errors, shortcomings, irrational solutions, inaccurate Bill of Quantities, as well as the definition of incorrect and unclear building material requirements can increase the cost of the project many times over and possibly worsen the final quality. This is the stage of the project in which the customers have the greatest opportunities to influence the progress of the project. We will help you evaluate all the project documentation and provide recommendations for its improvement.

Main topics:

  • Project survey, selection of suitable technology
  • Compilation of the design task
  • Suitability of the solutions provided in the project
  • Building materials and their requirements
  • Construction specifications
  • Checking, updating Bill of Quantities


During the procurement stage of the project, the customer often receives clarifying questions about the procurement documentation - both technical, contract and other conditions section. The answers to these questions can significantly affect the price and quality of project implementation. We will help provide competent answers, evaluate the compliance of the documentation submitted by the applicants with the requirements of the procurement regulations, as well as, if necessary, help defend the customer's interests in the Procurement Monitoring Bureau or other instances.

Main topics:

  • Procurement requirements
  • Solutions provided in the project
  • Building materials and their requirements
  • Proper asset maintenance



The construction stage of the project affects both the cost and the final quality, which determines the assets maintenance costs and operating time. During the construction works, the most common topics are additional or unexpected works, extension of deadline, materials and their quality, as well as the quality of the construction works performed. We will help develop a quality control procedures, assess the quality of the materials used and the construction works done, if necessary, by conducting independent tests in an accredited laboratory, as well as provide recommendations on any other issues that may arise during the construction works.

Most important sections:

  • Quality assessment of construction materials
  • Construction quality assessment
  • Additional work/term evaluation
  • Independent quality testing of materials and construction works
  • Solving any problem situations


During operation, the most relevant topics are whether the defects found in the asset after the completion of the construction work are covered by the warranty, how to carry out defect prevention and repair, as well as how to properly maintain the built structure, so that it lasts as long as possible, fulfilling its intended function. We will help identify defects, evaluate their causes, choose appropriate repair technology and maintenance conditions.

Most important sections:

  • Compilation of defect deeds
  • Determining the causes of defects
  • Repair quality control
  • Proper asset maintenance

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SIA «LIBERIA» unites industry specialists in various areas related to road construction - design, construction, construction supervision, production of construction materials, environmental and legal issues.


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