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For construction industry

For Construction Industry

Contractors are involved in three stages of project implementation – procurement, executing construction works and warranty period. We will help in each of these stages to achieve the best possible result according to the situation and possibilities.


If the procurement is prepared with errors, the technical documentation of the project is not evaluated, etc., the submitted offer will either be rejected because it does not meet the requirements of the regulations, or the price offered will be too high. Perhaps an even worse case is winning the procurement with the lowest price, not realizing that in fact the project cannot be cpmpleted without losses. We will help you prepare the best possible offer and point you to ways/techniques to reduce the final price of the offer without reducing your profit.

Main topics:

  • Evaluation of the solutions provided in the project
  • Checking Bill of quantities list
  • The most suitable construction technology
  • Requirements for building materials

  • Construction material supplier price surveys
  • Preparation of questions for the customer
  • Preparation of a complaint to the Procurement Monitoring Bureau


During the construction stage, various questions, problems, non-standard situations, uncertainties, etc. arise. We will help you not only in the topics mentioned below, but also in other questions that arise during the construction work.

  • Design
  • Production
  • Paving
  • Quality Control
  • Certification
  • Raw Materials

  • Framing Quality System
  • Construction
  • Laboratory
  • Raw Materials
  • Construction products
  • Final Evaluation of works and materials

  • Problem situations
  • Copnstruction Work execution
  • Construction Work control
  • Process Management
  • Efficiency
  • Construction materials

  • CBGM Layer
  • Surface treatment
  • Production of construction products
  • Environmental issues
  • Circulation of recovered materials
  • etc.


It is important for the contractor that the completed project does not have defects during the warranty period, which not only cause additional costs, but also damages the company's reputation. However, if defects have occurred, we will help you make the right decision on further actions based on the extent of defects, reasons for occurrence, etc.

Main topics:

  • Compilation of defect deeds
  • Determining the causes of defects
  • Selecting the repair method

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SIA «LIBERIA» unites industry specialists in various areas related to road construction - design, construction, construction supervision, production of construction materials, environmental and legal issues.


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